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Pull Up Alternative Exercises

What can you do to strengthen your back when you have no pull up bar?

Pull up expert, Shawna K provides six alternative exercises, including two bodyweight exercises that you can use when you have no pull up bar. These exercises can significantly increase strength needed to increase your pull up power.

Exercises include:
-inverted row
-bent over BB row
-DB row (single or double)
-renegade row
-prisoner style exercises (like squats. Lunges)
-wall stick ups

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Alternative Exercises to the Lunge : Fitness Training

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When it comes to working out, it is always important to mix up your exercise routine occasionally to keep your body guessing. Learn about alternative exercises to the lunge with help from a current Olympic-certified boxing trainer, fitness expert and speaker in this free video clip.

Expert: cary williams
Filmmaker: Dustin Kuepper

Series Description: Learning to train is all about knowing which exercises you need to be using to effectively achieve which goals that you happen to have. Get tips on learning to train with help from a current Olympic-certified boxing trainer, fitness expert and speaker in this free video series.

Cheap Penny Board Becoming Popular Among Youth

When Lauren isn’t around, there’s one toy of hers that her papa, Scott, prefers to obtain: a tiny, pink, plastic skateboard with purple wheels.

“When she’s playing with a good friend, I get to grab it,” said Mr. Waxenberg, 52, who stays in Rye Brook, N.Y.

His older daughters, ages 19 and 16, have actually had longboards for years, but Mr. Waxenberg, who skated as a kid, stated he never ever liked the feel of them. Then last summertime at a browse shop on Cape Cod, he spotted the Penny– a smaller skateboard that is normally 22 inches long, rather than more standard boards that determine 28 to 32 inches.

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“As quickly as I saw the Cent board, I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is exactly what I discovered on,'” he said. “And when I got on it, it resembled I was 14 once more.”.

Lauren, who initially learned to ride on her sisters’ longboards, suched as the mini-board as well. “It resembles a bit simpler to control since there’s less you need to turn and stuff,” she stated.

They have found appeal amongst college students, numerous of whom are dropping their bikes for easy-to-stick-in-a-backpack boards. The price of the boards begins at $100, though knockoffs can cost as little as $40.


Action Watch, a Jupiter, Fla.-based action sports market research company, reports that the Absolute Board Company, the Australian-based maker of the shorter boards, now has a 36 percent share of the under-34-inch skateboard market. Five years back, it had none, stated Cary Allington, president of Action Watch.

The Penny board’s size is its major selling point. Mantas Zvinas, 28, a trainer for SoulCycle who lives in the East Town, bought a red board to ride to work, and suches as that it is simple to take on the train, to dining establishments or up the stairs.

Katherine Benjamin, 21, who just recently finished from New York University, bought a black board with blue wheels a number of years ago to commute after seeing the shorter boards on YouTube and on streets in New York and by the beach in Barcelona, Spain, where she visited while studying in Florence, Italy. “I saw 10 people dropped by at various times riding Cent boards,” she remembered.

For her, the board has become the most practical source of aboveground transport. “I can’t manage a bike in this city, and Citi Bikes can be too chunky,” Ms. Benjamin said.

The maker of Penny has a collaboration with Christian Hosoi, a onetime Tony Hawk competitor. Yet the boards are scorned by many hard-core skaters (and plenty of passers-by).

“Cent boards are a bad thing,” the rising star Oscar Candon said when asked by Vice to discuss the worst thing about modern skateboarding. The rest of his response was too profanity-laced to be released here, though he did complain that they were just a fashion device and “not practical” due to the fact that “you can’t even ollie up a curb.” (Ollieing is vaulting in the air, hands complimentary, feet seemingly glued to the board).

He now makes use of a brief wooden board called a Ladera to ride to class. Of the Cent boards, he said: “The plastic is durable, however when you’re riding it the board bends.

Maegan Vazquez, 21, another current N.Y.U. graduate, dismissed the boards as too-freshman-looking in “A Guide to N.Y.U. Rules, Whether You’re an Inbound Freshman or Simply Ignorant,” on the N.Y.U. Resident blog site.

“It’s difficult to get street cred as a skateboarder when you’re teetering on a little piece of plastic,” Ms. Vazquez said in an interview. “Upperclassmen take the train from Brooklyn,” she said.).

Plastic “has never been kept in high regard by expert skaters or any individual who wants to do high performance riding,” said the skateboarding historian Craig Snyder, author of “A Secret History of the Ollie” and a veteran rider.

Russ Howell, the 1975 freestyle champ, who skated in front of thousands at a Beach Boys concert, actually backed a plastic board by a business called Grentec in 1975, wanting to bring skateboarding to the masses with a less expensive however still practical item.

Mr. Howell, who signs his emails “Skate Permanently and Serve the Sport,” stated the company (now defunct) didn’t measure up to its pledge of higher quality. He was so disillusioned with the Grentec boards bearing his name that he chopped them as much as utilize as tail skates (blocks of wood or plastic that avoid the tail from wearing down) on his favored board, which has a laminate wood deck.

“That was all it benefited,” Mr. Howell said of the Grentec board, still sounding annoyed 40 years later on. “They put my name on their most affordable, lousy, soft plastic, not practical, slippery, pin tail, I-can’t-say-enough-bad-things-about-it board. It truly harm my reputation in the sport.”.

Even fans understand there are some locations you simply don’t take a Penny. Ms. Benjamin, the current N.Y.U. graduate, stated she ‘d never ever ride her Penny board through the skater hangout Union Square. “It’s not something you go display on,” she stated.

Ben Mackay, 37, the creator of Absolute Board, brushed off the criticism. Mr. Mackay– who was 5 when he got his first board, red plastic with hand-painted silver stripes– stated he began the business in part since skateboarding “was taking itself method too seriously.”

“It was tough for me to keep up with the techniques everybody was doing,” he stated. “Your gap between your daily skateboarder and exactly what the professionals were doing was just far too big.”

Mr. Mackay, who began manufacturing lumber skateboards in his parents’ garage in Brisbane in 1999, chose to attempt to market the retro plastic skateboard. In June 2010, he started selling Cent boards– so named for his sis, Penny– door to door to surf and skate shops on the southeast coast of Australia.

For a while, he said, store owners told him the boards were the most gotten however the least offered, due to the fact that they looked like toys. A video Mr. Mackay posted to Vimeo revealing the board’s speed and capability while Bob Dylan plays (“and your gravity fails”) basically fixed that issue.

Today Cent boards, which are readily available in patterns like gold glitter, tie color and a jungle-ish duck print on a green background, are offered in more than 60 nations. (Mr. Mackay himself trips a “nickel,” a 27-inch variation he created in response to men “who were a bit bigger and desired a bit more underneath their feet.”).

Mr. Hosoi dismissed the Penny-bashing as “jealousy about the business.”.

“Individuals who say, ‘I’m a hard-core rider, I ‘d never ride a plastic board,’ well, I have no idea why they’re suggesting that fact,” stated Mr. Hosoi, whose 4 youngsters (of course) trip Penny boards, as well as take them to the skate park. “It’s totally separate from their culture of being a professional skater or a skateboarder who wants to find out kick turns. It’s encouraging individuals who ‘d never ever even want to skate to skate without pressure.”.

It took some skateboard stores awhile to come around to the Penny boards.

Mike Hirsch, who raiseded skating in parks and swimming pools in the 1970s and now has the SoCal Skate Shop in Mission Viejo, Calif., hesitated to accept the Penny board.

When a sales agent first began talking to him about the boards four years earlier, he said: “My very first idea was: ‘Oh God, this is going to be awful. We’re a cool skateboard store.” But he gave in, keeping in mind a Zflex fiberglass skateboard that was popular in the ’70s.

The Penny boards, he said, were an immediate hit– from the beginning, he was selling at least a dozen every weekend. The online response was rad, too. “We were crushing it with them online,” he stated.

Even his tough-to-impress daughter, Gabriella, then 11, believed they were cool and got one.

Brian Bennett, a 20-year-old junior at F.I.U., owns a more standard skateboard however thinks the Cent has the edge for travelling.

“It’s smoother and more hassle-free,” he stated. He’s so connected to his Penny board that he purchased a 2nd one when he showed up back at school after a break and recognized he ‘d left his blue and yellow board at home in Tampa. “I couldn’t go a day without it,” he stated.

Mr. Hirsch stated he sees the Cent boards as a fantastic way to obtain more individuals thinking about the sport. “It’s almost like an entrance drug where they discover that feeling of rolling on a skateboard,” he stated. His daughter, for one, has moved on from her Cent board, though not to a regular board, as he ‘d hoped: “She’s proceeded to One Instructions and children.”.

Skateboarding in Madagascar – Shredding with the Locals – Part 2

Skateboarding in Madagascar is not common place. In some parts of the country it’s possible no one has ever skated before. The journey through the mysterious, yet glorious country continues.

The locals were stoked to check out the boy’s skateboards, and what was first a search for spots, turned into an all-out flatland jam sesh with some of the barefooted boys from around town. No double sets or kinked rails on this portion of the trip, just a pure love of skateboarding, and new friends to share the stoke with. Just one of the many ways a skateboard can take you to places nothing else can.

Shred in peace, Wilko Grüning.
Our utmost condolences go out to Wilko, his family, and the entire skateboard community.

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Alternative Exercises to Running : Fitness Body Transformation

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Alternative exercises to running can be a really great way to keep your workout program from getting too monotonous. Learn about alternative exercises to running with help from a body transformation expert in this free video clip.

Expert: Elmore McConnell
Bio: Elmore McConnell is “The Body Transformation Expert,” whose personality is full of energy.
Filmmaker: Wesley Morris

Series Description: If you want to transform your body through fitness, you need to make sure that you’re doing the right exercises that are actually going to help you accomplish your goals. Get tips on transforming your body through fitness with help from a body transformation expert in this free video series.

Technical Skateboarding CONQUERED In 12 Minutes!?

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Well this may the most impressive Warehouse Wednesday yet. And that is saying something. To do everything Fabian did, in that short amount of time, is insane. Hats off to him! He is a rad skateboarder and a very nice dude, definitely get over to his channel and subscribe to him!

Red Bull Perspective – A Skateboard Film

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A cinematic journey through the eyes of skateboarding’s elite

Meshing Hollywood quality cinematography with the highest caliber skaters, join Ryan Sheckler (San Clemente), Torey Pudwill (Simi Valley), Ryan Decenzo (Vancouver) and Zered Bassett (New York), on a journey from their hometowns to common ground, to learn how where they come from colors their approach to new terrain.

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Music (in order of appearance)

“Excellent” (Instrumental) — Propaganda
Humble Beast Records

“Un Momento” — T-Mos

“Vive Le Roi” — Five Knives

“Sleepless” — Flume Future Classic

“Vice Versa” — Alert 312

“Knights of Shame” — AWOLNATION

“Kill The Elephants” (Instrumental) — Alert 312

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